CasePro Universal Hard Drive 10 Pack Carrying Case

CasePro Products

The CasePro Universal Hard Drive Carrying features anti-static foam. When you need to store and transport valuable information you can count of CasePro to keep your hard drives secure. Hold up to 10 universal hard drives in a single carrying case with wheels and retractable handle. This case is also carry-on size so if you are flying don't worry about checking your valuable data.

Dimensions (in inches)
Interior: 20.38 x 11.44 x 7.5
Exterior: 21.89 x 13.96 x 9
• Holds up to 10 universal hard drives (5.8125 x 1.0625 x 6.125)
• Anti-Static foam:  ESD protection for your sensitive valuables
• Carry-on size

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